25. September 2018
decries Afrobeats similarity rather than being creative. Taiwo Edwards News Platform

24. September 2018
Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T An Icon and Grandmaster of Ika Rap Music who also enjoy the sponsorship of great supporters of his Music and stylish outfits is at it again The Afrobeat Star surrounded here by crews at the site of the making of Kpami Chukwu Video clip said the Video will be out soon and Thanked to all his sponsors and as a way to show great appreciation chose to shoot his video at the premises of one of his numerous sponsors. The Taiwo Edwards News Platform.

17. September 2018
Still on the matter of the true Origin of The Ika people as this set´s The Ika community on social media connects afire, many Ikalians feels is time to put this issue to rest finally, Taiwo Edwards News Platform.

26. August 2018
Taiwo Edwards News Platform.

27. July 2018
Taiwo Edwards News Platform.

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