15. May 2019
Germany doesn´t deport her citizens, never! - Taiwo Edwards .

23. February 2019
Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T Afrobeat Artist and Multiple award winner hit the Europe Afrobeat scene with the release of his single Jimmy from the album NEXT LEVEL . Click Below for Gratis Download ) https://soundcloud.com/taiwo-edwards https://my.notjustok.com/track/384336..

14. January 2019
Emma Ogosi needs no introduction in the Nigeria music industry and perhaps in African as a whole. The 76 old music mogul is a musical grandfather to many artists and many session musicians and has help discovered many talents in Nigeria, Christ Okotie, Felix Lebarty, Isaac Black, Evi Edna Ogholi and many others their great musical stories that could not be told without mentioning the name Emma Ogosi

14. December 2018
The Afrobeat Star and Hit Town Records Boss revealed that his rebranding feels will be felt here on this Single due for release by the 21 Feb 2019. I took these to the next level, after the Legendary Ika Rap Music. I have made up my mind to satisfy the tastes of fans worldwide longing to understand my music by widening up my spectrum and singing in Nigerian Pidgin English mix with a little of Ika Language thereby reaching out to more wider audience on this one called Jimmy .

02. December 2018
Am Vexed by Veteran Journalist Reuben Abati The Taiwo Edwards News Platform.

25. September 2018
decries Afrobeats similarity rather than being creative. Taiwo Edwards News Platform

24. September 2018
Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T An Icon and Grandmaster of Ika Rap Music who also enjoy the sponsorship of great supporters of his Music and stylish outfits is at it again The Afrobeat Star surrounded here by crews at the site of the making of Kpami Chukwu Video clip said the Video will be out soon and Thanked to all his sponsors and as a way to show great appreciation chose to shoot his video at the premises of one of his numerous sponsors. The Taiwo Edwards News Platform.

17. September 2018
Still on the matter of the true Origin of The Ika people as this set´s The Ika community on social media connects afire, many Ikalians feels is time to put this issue to rest finally, Taiwo Edwards News Platform.

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