Biography - Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T

Taiwo Edwards popularly known among his friends as 100% was born in southern Nigeria Oke - Odo where he lived with his parents till the Family moved to the Midwestern part of Nigeria, Delta state where both parents originally are from,

His parents finally settled down at Agbor Orogodo Boji boji district Town, where he completed his Primary and secondary school education, at Odilli Primary School and Ika Grammer School both at Agbor Delta state Nigeria, before further educations at the BBS 3 Hannover an academical school for profession trades in Hannover Germany.

Taiwo discovered his love for music and entertainment at a very tender age beginning with dancing and miming to pop music at age 5 his love for music and show business became very obvious.

While still in Secondary ,Taiwo was already a household name in his locality well known for singing Dancing and miming to the tune of Michael Jackson,Curtis Blow, New Edition, Musical Youths, Grandmaster Flash,Grandmaster Melle Mel ,Furious Five, Gifted 4 , Whodini he made a lot of impacts musically in their locality.

At spare times Taiwo will team up with his friend Omo Blue a record store owner disc Jocking and helping out with records sells Business

Still in school Taiwo Edwards won the John Players sponsor Dancing Championship and won the local zonal championship in 1984,

he joined up the Textson Music Production a music production grooming and producing upcoming artists and hard-learned the art of music production producing Master tapes and Demos tapes for upcoming musicians, wrote songs published and unpublished for others.

Taiwo Edwards left Benin City for Ilesha where he worked musically with the like of Young Ade and Ilesha Based Juju Musician Taiwo had learned to infuses reggae music with juju beat and that is where he came up with the idea to create Afro juju reggae a style that The group counter force recorded on there first album called different style on OHL Records like many other boy group this one broke off which saw Taiwo completely moving to Lagos where he worked with Actor Segun Alile whom he has once known and worked with in Benin city as a backup voice and percussionist in several country clubs and occasions keeping himself up with that pay .

instabilities in the country which saw Taiwo relocating to Germany and withdrew from active show Business for a while.

In Germany Taiwo released his first solo album Out of the Dark and disappeared out of the music scene for a while Taiwo then attended two different Schools for professional Trade; industrial cleaning and Car preparation before Owning his own Cleaning company, Professional innovative and care preparation company, a car rental company and a Recording label Hit Town Records.

Taiwo´s show Business impact was felt again when Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T run a Radio late Night Show called Nightshift on radio flora in Hannover Germany the show was made to entertain Night works and help them keep awake and mentally fit while working playing music and interviewing artiste live in the studios while picking telephone request of listeners, among his live studio guest includes, Awilo Longumba South Africa Music Legends - Hugh Masekela to mention but a few.

Taiwo Edwards 100% Mr:T is running a late Night show called Naija on 106,5 radio Leinehertz a mainstream radio station in Hannover Germany Featuring Nigerian Artiste or any who's has a Nigerian story to tell, Taiwo Edwards sometime project his show in Ika Language


Taiwo Edwards hit the music market completely with his legendary Album “ The Legend Of An Archangel” the very first of it´s kind Raping in Ika Language making his album the very first ever released Afrobeat hip hop Rap Music in Ika Language the release of the album turned Taiwo Edwards brought him into the limelight and several awards, for best Ika rap music and video by KSG Gigest International Award,2017, Achievement award 2017., Africa 4 you Outstanding Award 2017,

100 most influential African in Germany on African Heritage Magazine Hamburg list of 2017/2018 edition ., 5 times Community Entertainer of the Year Award, Global International and cultural Entertainer of the year, NEU Award Radio Presenter Of The Year 2016. and many more

Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T has is a multiple award winner with over 11 different awards and he is making waves both home and abroad.

Taiwo Edwards is currently working on his latest Album .