T.A.I.W.O Duped on Billboard promotion

Mr.Humble Ochei Duped me over Billboard promotion.

Mr.Humble Ochei Duped me over Billboard promotion.


It was to be my single Billboard promotion, but little did I know that those smiles lies, he was Humble we got quick into transaction, I should make a part payment which I did, for a billboard promotion of 60k Naira, it was to be placed at Agbor Obi junction , 30k was paid as upfront , 30k was to be paid after work is fully done, Mr. Humble sent a copy of a printed job, of the banner, ( Now I doubt the sent work ) he claimed he has a problem , I quote ``the banner can only be hunged if I pay the rest balance, are I must pay completly before hanging`` those are his words, well I did paid the rest to fasten up my single release, as against our agreement, of rest balance after the work is fully done, 2 days later, Humble asked for another 20k or no hanging , I refused , days later he said I should add 10k and he will hang it, or I should come down to collect my postal, myself or send someone else to do the hanging, he said his job was to print and not to hang which he never said untill now, I mean what is the point collecting money or asking for more money for the job if is not your feld, I sent someone to call him arrang to meet with him collect the banner, and 30k and finish up the hanging , Mr. Humble spoke to the guy I sent on phone once, they where to meet and he will hand over things , but when the guy I sent try to contact him again haven found a space to hang the banner, Mr, Humble refused to pick his call or reply to his text, till present.

the artist explained further, is not about the money involved but the delay and stress cause on his planned single release, as a matter of principle he should deliver on the job he was paid for, I 've just been told he is not reliable after I made this public. .- Mica Holz P.R, O HTR. Germany.

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    Thief thief Ole