Why I have not performed live at Agbor.- Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T

Ever since the release of his legendary Ika rap music album title The Legend Of An Archangel on Cd and Videos, there has been a lot of requests to book the artist to perform live at Agbor on various settings by his fans, especially by his fans living abroad, but performing terms have really made it difficult to negotiate the artist.
The hardy currency is one major reason fans has not gotten a live taste of Taiwo, the Artiste who resides in Germany, therefore, means that flight tickets hotel security amongst others needed are to be embedded in his terms for payment charges, thereby jumping price for many who considers his service too expensive,lots of fans express their great desire to surprise their guest with the appearance of the Ika afrobeat rap international especially with his kind of music which is not the norm in ika pop music scene .
Another reason is that Taiwo refused to perform for those group of people who would have comfortably afford to book him for such performance at Agbor because they are majorly politicians and Taiwo do not want to be associated with politics.
I do refer people who contacted me for booking after failed negotiation to my close fellow Ika artist few of them I do have their telephone number some time I inform the artist sometimes I don't inform them but just gave out their number for direct contact though they would have been contacted anyway, said the afrobeat Ika rap Internation. - Mica Holz HTR- Media representative.

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