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Germany doesn´t deport her citizens, never! - Taiwo Edwards .

Recently I watch a clip on social media of a Nigeria woman with three kids deported back to Nigeria by the German Government, claiming all her kids were given birth to in Germany giving the impression that her kids are citizens but still she and her kids were deported she needs to be corrected.;Germany don´t deport her citizens unless they strip you of your citizenship for gross crime first, which until now has never happened, but may start happening soon, but only to those involved in terror act and weren't German citizen before March 2019 ( new law on terror defend ) that is the reason why people no longer get full German citizenship now anymore but dual citizenship so it´s easy to strip them off of their citizenship if involved in a Terror act and found guilty.;Get this straight am not trying to defend anyone --But the fact that you live in Germany for years and got all your kids here does not make anyone a German national nor does that make your kids German.
The question rather is what is the status of one or the parents at least one amongst them need to have status then all are covered even if is not a citizenship status, for citizenship status at least one parent needs to be a citizen and the kids are then covered.
There are rules and law kept here just follow them Germany is not American where such rules or law applies.
Every country got its rules. many foreigners are faked into believing that the state will let them stay if they have kids and they start with kids making without thinking of proper legalizing themselves;The question the interviewer should have asked would have included if she is got a job and where is the father of those kids why where she and the kids deported alone and not along their with father? then he would have been closer to reality.

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