I 've got no dealing with APC Or Buhari. - Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T

Due to my personal conviction and religious background, I maintain a political neutrality
I 've got no dealing with APC or any other political parties am politically neutral. .said the Internation Afrobeat and multiple award-winning artists as he called his media representative to react quickly to that claim.
Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T has nothing to do with APC or Buhari or any political organization in Nigeria, in fact, it should be recalled that the artiste turned down several political offers to perform in Nigeria for political rallies, it was really shocking when the artist was accused on a WhatsApp group to indirectly promoting APC with his upcoming Album´s title NEXT LEVE, Next Level also being the slogan of the ruling party, Taiwo Edwards who reacted shockingly to this claim maintained that he is politically neutral and as such cannot support any political organization he also maintained that his NEXT LEVEL only refers to him taking a new dimension musically and nothing more, the Political slogan of the ruling party of Mohammadu Buhari has nothing to do with his Album Tittle Next Level, funny as this claim may be the artist felt is necessary to address the Issue before it becomes a widely formed opinion of many wanting to put wrong reasoning to his NEXT LEVEL.

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