Am Vexed by Veteran Journalist Reuben Abati - Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T .

Am Vexed by Veteran Journalist Reuben Abati.  -   Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr, T is vexed by Reuben Abati 
The Afrobeat Star and multiple award winner who is  currently making waves with the release of his Ika Rap Music video Kpami Chukwu is vexed by the method and ways veteran journalist Reuben Abati Of News Arise, on The Morning show, constructs his question on the guest of his show; The Good Morning Show on Arise News,

The artiste said Abati is a product of Mental conditioning that has refused to let many in that community to see beyond their nose find faults in New wine but seeing nothing wrong in old Sauer and adulterated old wine as long as it carried Big Name brand, but refuse to see that such does not serve it´s purposed, wine wey nor fit catch person that one na wine ? speaking to HTR Media department Taiwo Edwards who spoke in an idiomatic way or rather in some kind of proverbs refused to pick point directly what his anger about the Veteran journalist is all about adding that those who watched him recently knows what he is talking about.

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