Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T is rebranding are we seeing the stop in Ika rap Music from his side - Mica Holz

Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T is rebranding are we seeing the stop in Ika rap Music from his side - Mica Holz .

Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T is rebranding are we seeing the end  in Ika rap Music from his side - Mica Holz .

Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T is known for popularizing Rap Music in Ika Language 
but the Highlife Artist has been thinking along the line of demand of his fan base which is growing daily.

Many people are asking me to render my songs in a language they understand that is more popular with a wider range of listeners, my fan base are no longer the Ika speaking alone it includes many cultures across the world, here in Europe many approaches me on the street expressing how much they do like my music and my styles but have no understand of what am saying , comments on my facebook page shows a larger demand for the need to identify with my fans demand so am crossing over, said the Europe base Ika rapper on his radio late night show yesterday. I spoke to him after the show and here is what we talked about as recorded with my press audio tape . 
My name is Mica Holz P.R.O and Media representative Hit Town Records Germany.

Mica Holz: Sir are we seeing the end of ika rap music at least from your side?

TE: No many up comings are show facing now if you are following the trend a lot of Ika rap music are shooting out after me which i am proud to have set the trend and giving many the boldness to dare a rap music in Ika language the only thing is the scene is got a limited audience it could be challenging for an artist who wants to go global but is a really good starting point as well .

MH: will you discourage them?

TE: No! like I said is a very good starting point to climb the musical leather.

MH: Is like you are not going to rap in ika language no more so what do we expect from you further?

TE: I haven´t said so, what to be expected of me is fusion of purely Music delivered in Nigerian pidgin English Language which has gotten a wider acceptance in Europe and across the world, fused with elements of Ika words , i said 2 years ago on this show that the world will soon catch up with the afrobeat fever and it came to be so .

recently Janet Jackson came out with an afrobeat pop song so the trend to afrobeat Highlife is growing wider and am fusing in already.

MH. I have listened to your coming new single although I do not understand Ika Language Ika was fewer on your next single don't you think your ika fans will miss you?

TE: yes and No like I said there are others to fill in the gap while they will find me on a more international level representing I mean let´s be sincere you said you 've listened to my next single

MH: yes sir your mean Ji ….. ( Taiwo Cut in )

TE: Nooooo edit that edit that don´t say the Tittle yet ( Smiling and continued ) and you told me despite being a German you could relate more to my text on that song because of some English like words on it than my Ika album.

MH; yes sir

TE: take the sir away when will you stop addressing me with Sir

MH: I have traveled a lot it seems to be a common way to address person politely in places like The United States Of America, Great Britain to mention but few

TE: oh don´t mind those colonial master I know they have same addressing form here in Germany with Sie and du representing some kind of formalities we do have that in Nigeria as well at least I know that is true with the Yoruba culture

MH: but they are not colonial masters like you said, sir

TE: Mica No Sir please ! yes they are not but I and you do not need those formalities you know that too well

MH: not even on a serious note or formal talk like this?

TE: NO we don´t

MH: Sir oh sorry sir it was nice talking to my Boss once again

TE: you are forgiven,Mica..

MH: back to topic looking at things now are you rebranding when it comes to the language or you are rebranding your red white, black syle as well?

TE: the red white black thing you see is my trademark we improve on substance and not on a trademark my trademark is cool enough needs no rebrand but just the language I sing in, needs a rebranding.

MH: have you not thought about this before ever starting?

TE: yeah but I want to do something for my people and i did already there is a saying in my dialect „ if you have perfected your dancing step at home is only then, you can take it to the world stage, I have perfected my dancing steps at home so am taking it to the Global world music scene.

MH: is that an Ika saying ?

TE: majorly it is an African saying not Ika alone

MH: it was nice talking to you Sir


TE: you are welcome .

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