Nargies Fashion Designers and event planners to Equip Taiwo Edwards 100% Mr.T.

You might have noticed Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T outstanding mode of dressing in Red, Black and white combination as his trademark is , Taiwo Edwards who was actually known amongst his friend for such combination ever since youth time has been designing clothes and wears for himself Taiwo took to the assistance of a very close friend in the fashion industry whos along side has helped in the making and designing of most clothes found on him, from concept, choosing and realization of the concept , recently his friend has decided to hit the market with her own Fashion and event planning management firm and has soon contact the Artist giving a full assurance and back up to do all his design and in return serve as an advert for the firm who will be hitting the fashion and event planning world with the name Nargies Fashion and event planners .


We at Hit Town Records say congratulations to Nargies and Taiwo Edwards. - Mica Holz

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