Controversy after Taiwo Edwards free Cd distribution at Agbor, my free Cd was not to collect anybody´s Destiny! -Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T

Recently the Afrobeat star Ika rap Music Icon Taiwo Edwards 100% Mr.T , distributed a free Cd of his album " The Legend Of An Archangel " at his hometown of Origin free on the street of Agbor, while many came for the Cd and where grateful for this kind gesture of a son of the soil and his Sponsors and supporters, it was also reported that some persons offered the Cd on the street had refused to accept the free Cd.
They reasoned the Artist might want to collect their destiny with a free Cd when this report got to us it was already too late to cut off the free cd Action we were only told about the Task Force wanting to disrupt the free Cd distribution.
It made us too sad about the psychological brainwash going on in right now in African communities as a whole, people no longer can determine between Good deal and evil, a total confused social model way of life praised by deep belief promoted by the elite of the society and even some Gospel preachers.
we do not say everybody most accept our free Cd but saying that such Cd is free in other to collect one's destiny is sick and unfair, if destiny is actually collectable like that would it not be wise to first try to know the destiny of one you seek to collect one before collecting it , does it mean all destiny is Good for everyone as long as it is a destiny ? , how about someone who wants to be a lawyer and going to collect the destiny of someone who wants to be something else but a lawyer, would that not be counterproductive? we do think is time for us to educate our society and not leave them deep in wrong baseless teaching no mater in what part of the world we live in help them see the light.
When the ideal came from fellow Ika to pay for my Cd and distribute it for free on the street of Agbor I welcomed it as well they were grateful to me for providing the very first ever published Ika Rap music both on Cd´s and on Video and would love many Ika people to have the Cd´s since country is hard like they said they decided to pay for the 4,500 copies of the cd´s and offer it for free , we got Good partners to help out in the event and everything was Good , my Cd was not to collect anybody´s Destiny!.

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