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Am seriously disturbed about the news and reports of money ritualist be it true or false my fear is the consequential results of these trends.
The most disturbing part of it all is the hard lesson people have drawn out of it as a result of money ritualist rumors and claims, many are no longer disposed to helping fellow human beings in every little way they could no more,

last year only it was announced by world central bank at of the 2 billion dollar family aid sent from abroad to friends and family members to help themselves all across the world 42% of that money went to Nigeria alone and was sent by Nigerians abroad to help Friends and family members in every little way they could ,
this number has long dropped as a result of supposed reports of money ritualist and their various means of recruiting victims including their own helpers, family members and friends this has created fear in the minds of noble helpers even forcing concern family members to warn their persons both home and abroad on generosity acts.
The churches are not making things easier rather we hear reports and similar declaration of how person home or abroad was hurt by a family member for help rendered to them on church prophetic hours.

It's sad to see such development on the increase and again poor people suffers not the rich. 
Whether these things are believable facts or not it breaks down the spirit of helping someone in caution.

I worry that people might no longer be disposed to help and those in need suffer again.

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