Taiwo Edwards ,The German Police And The dead Antelope.

Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T
Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T
Funny thing does happen sometimes but this German police was more than funny.
I was driving in a very cosy countryside it was all smooth and was listening to my song Uhh Baby at a very moderate volume everything around me was sinking down into me it felt like a relaxing massage, suddenly an Antelope loop up from no where right in front of my car it was crushed by my heavy weight car.
I stopped and called the police, 50 minutes later they arrived, the police wanted to know what happened so he asked for my documents and started interviewing me that was where the comedy start.
Police Man: Good day your identification paper please I gave him, what do you do for a living I explained and finally, he asked what happened?
I said pointing behind me that Antelope there jumped in front of my car I wonder where he is going to and what he thinks for doing that may be stressed up I said and now is laying down there not moving ,that must be a great hit said the Policeman, are you suggesting I was on a high speed I asked politely ? clever you but who knows he replied , I said why don´t you ask the Antelope he look at me and smiled , yeah it seems to be the only witness here but it can´t say nothing anymore, yeah but I think you should ask who knows if I said the truth, in fact, this Antelope is guilty and should repair the car I implied, yes, in fact, i should ask too why he did not first look right, left and right again before jumping probably said the policeman you will get a repair document for your insurance don´t worry about that , we got closer to the Antelope laying lifeless there I felt pity for the animal , he drew up a line through the Antelope aside up the marked line.
What will happen to the Antelope I asked? the policeman replied the forestry will pick it up there later, not the firefighters, No he said, I asked him if I could leave now I am very hungry and I need some rest too. he looked at me he said you are from Africa right? yes i said , he quickly rushed back to the Antelope pick it up again and said Mr.Edwards, you really have to leave now i know you do eat such in African and I won´t let you eat this one go home and get something better to eat, Antelope is already something better to eat I moved a step forward to him and the Antelope, no but not this one he said, I wasn´t going to eat that I only wanted to confirm for sure what happens to it I replied , the policeman got more seriously am changing the position of the Antelope after you drive far off just in case you come back so you can´t find this Antelope anymore, in fact, I will come back here often to see if is gone,he stood there, until I drove off.

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