I am glad with the Ika Community - Small talk with Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T.

To be sincere i was a little bit  afraid of poor responds to my music, because there was no any artist creating my kind of music in ika community till now, but i was really surprised to see the massive welcoming of my creation, Ika Afrobeat hip hop rap music .


Being the first to create that brand and making it internationally popular really puts me and the Ika community in a new dimenssion and gave me  a sudden attention now people are asking me to project more.


I am glad with the Ika community world wide and for accepting my music, i get calls and whatsapp messages from all over  every day, from persons expressing their profound gratitude towards my courageous step despite Ika being a minority and the fear that might surround the welcoming of a new brand music and also for the many awards  from ika communities and none ika communities . 

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