Taiwo Edwards 100 % Mr.T to be Honored in Essen ,Germany.


Taiwo Edwards 100 % Mr.T to be Honored in Essen ,Germany.

Taiwo Edwards 100 % Mr.T to be Honored in Essen, Germany.
According to information reaching our management, the artist Taiwo Edwards popularly known as 100% Mr.T will be honored by Ika community in Germany as a way of showing him love and support and above all, honoring him for creating a pop scene in Ika Music scene where there was none.
The Artist came up with the very first Afro Hip hop rap music in march 2017 in Ika dialect and hard-won him 2 awards for this great job that his Ika people really appreciates.
Taiwo Edwards has being showered with great love and beautiful words from his people inform of comments on the social medias, we at NGV News says congratulation Boss.

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    Bright (Sunday, 07 May 2017 15:14)

    Note: To the site editor or manager. Be mindful of your text as this site is considered a professional site, so it will require a standard information with a proper spellings and grammars. To archive this: Please always take time to go through you typings and read aloud so as to know how it's sounds at the ears.
    Never undermine the power of the dictionary, as it will help you will proper grammars to use and correct your spellings.
    Example of my complain: "popularly known as 100% Mr. T *Wil* be".
    Second: "beautiful words from his people *inform* of comment".
    Will not Wil
    In form of not inform of. Regardless of that you guys are great, job well done.

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    Micah Holz (Sunday, 07 May 2017 16:50)

    Thank you sir Mr Bright .