Nigeria is a country of lovely people with diverse cultures a country of Kings and queens, it is located in West African with a population of over 250 million people, with over 250 different spoken languages.
Nigeria is Beautiful and is not a Zoo.

Peter Psquare Should leave Tiwa Savage matter alone - T.A.I.W.O  100%Mr.T

"Tiwa Savage Will Soon Understand," Says Peter Okoye, speaking to one of Uganda TV media UNCUT he made it clear he was not hiding feelings about that, I personally think every artist needs to grow, business-wise music is about business and business is about investing rightly and no wastage no matter how small it might be, business is all about weighing things and taking chances each time they come, above all making the right decision, music is not only about the artistical part of it but most times the business part of it.
Peter should respect Tiwa´s move any artiste in turn wanting a foreign deal, and let her be, an artist can still sell overseas, while back home in Nigeria is a big fight. there are many advantages to signing in with any company anywhere, especially big-time labels like Tiwa signed on to, so brother I will say let her be.
I want to believe that Tiwa has a legal adviser team and personal friends too, that must have gone through terms on the contract before signing in.


Was Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T´s Nephew robbed In Nigeria by SARS?
The afrobeat International and Ika most popular rap artist woke up to a shocking story today ,when he received a WhatsApp Audio message from his Nephew Bright Edwards Obuseh who lives in South African and on a visit to Nigeria, Bright who on Sunday the 11 Aug 2019 at about 15 minutes, past the hour of 4 pm, at about 35 kilometers away from Benin City Edo state, was traveling from Ibadan by road to Agbor. in a commercial vehicle almost approaching Benin city their vehicle was stopped by SARS TEAM,
3 men were singled out for thoroughly searched his Nephew happened to be one of those, they took his mobile phone and forced him to unlock it, they found car business transactions and concluded he was into yahoo, yahoo business as young fraudsters are commonly referred to in Nigeria,
Bright who further explained he was into car dealing and financing in South African, was handcuffed by one of the SARS team member who took him to their standing car claiming those documents and emails was evidence against him and threatened to take him to their office,
Bright who was sure he had not committed any punishable offenses agreed to defend himself at the station and prove it was car dealing business-related documents and nothing more, they further saw his South African driving license, they concluded he was coming from South African to Nigeria on a fraudulent mission.
Bright was asked to wet the ground another way of asking for a bribe in Nigeria, that means to give them money to let him go,
He was further search and they found 16,000 Naira on him which they seize, they asked and asked where he was traveling to, he told them he was traveling to Agbor they handed over 1,000 Naira to him adding that a 1.000 Naira will be enough to get to Agbor, from that point closing to Benin City already , they even ask him to go to an ATM machine to withdraw more money, or lend from the driver, or call his people to bail him out.
finally they allowed to leave after robbing him forcefully of 15,000 Naira he was told to go and his phone was given back to him, he complained about his money, he was further threatened and made to know that the vehicle he was traveling on could sent away and he will be left alone there ,
Bright figured out that ifwas left alone with those men, that could mean his death as the SARS told him that his life is not guaranteed should he be left alone there sending away the vehicle he was travelling on , so Bright finally left to join the vehicle .
Again the question remains, are these people mend to ensure safety, not the one threatening security in Nigeria ?.



I 've got no dealing with APC Or Buhari.

Due to my personal conviction and religious background, I maintain a political neutrality
I 've got no dealing with APC or any other political parties am politically neutral. .said the Internation Afrobeat and multiple award-winning artists as he called his media representative to react quickly to that claim.
Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T has nothing to do with APC or Buhari or any political organization in Nigeria, in fact, it should be recalled that the artiste turned down several political offers to perform in Nigeria for political rallies, it was really shocking when the artist was accused on a WhatsApp group to indirectly promoting APC with his upcoming Album´s title NEXT LEVE, Next Level also being the slogan of the ruling party, Taiwo Edwards who reacted shockingly to this claim maintained that he is politically neutral and as such cannot support any political organization he also maintained that his NEXT LEVEL only refers to him taking a new dimension musically and nothing more, the Political slogan of the ruling party of Mohammadu Buhari has nothing to do with his Album Tittle Next Level, funny as this claim may be the artist felt is necessary to address the Issue before it becomes a widely formed opinion of many wanting to put wrong reasoning to his NEXT LEVEL.

Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T New Single, Titled: Jimmy comes out 21 Fed 2019.

The Afrobeat Star and Hit Town Records Boss revealed that his rebranding feels will be felt here on this Single due for release by the 21 Feb 2019. I took these to the next level, after the Legendary Ika Rap Music. I have made up my mind to satisfy the tastes of fans worldwide longing to understand my music by widening up my spectrum and singing in Nigerian Pidgin English mix with a little of Ika Language thereby reaching out to more wider audience on this one called Jimmy .it will be available for downloads on various music download platforms including sound clouds where all my music till present can be downloaded. said the artiste; Mr. Edwards who enjoyed the sponsorship and support of Various Outfits and professional establishment said is very important to show appreciation to those to whom appreciation is due am indeed grateful to all my supporters and sponsors he added.- Mica Holz.

Am vexed by Veteran Journalist Reuben Abati is getting on my Nerves.- Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T

Am Vexed by Veteran Journalist Reuben Abati.

Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr, T is vexed by Reuben Abati 
The Afrobeat Star and multiple award winner who is  currently making waves with the release of his Ika Rap Music video Kpami Chukwu is vexed by the method and ways veteran journalist Reuben Abati Of News Arise, on The Morning show, constructs his question on the guest of his show; The Good Morning Show on Arise News,

The artiste said Abati is a product of Mental conditioning that has refused to let many in that community to see beyond their nose find faults in New wine but seeing nothing wrong in old Sauer and adulterated old wine as long as it carried Big Name brand, but refuse to see that such does not serve it´s purposed, wine wey nor fit catch person that one na wine ? speaking to HTR Media department Taiwo Edwards who spoke in an idiomatic way or rather in some kind of proverbs refused to pick point directly what his anger about the Veteran journalist is all about adding that those who watched him recently knows what he is talking about.

Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T is rebranding are we seeing the end of Ika rap Music from his side - Mica Holz .


Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T is known for popularizing Rap Music in Ika Language 
but the Highlife Artist has been thinking along the line of demand of his fan base which is growing daily.

Many people are asking me to render my songs in a language they understand that is more popular with a wider range of listeners, my fan base are no longer the Ika speaking alone it includes many cultures across the world, here in Europe many approaches me on the street expressing how much they do like my music and my styles but have no understand of what am saying , comments on my facebook page shows a larger demand for the need to identify with my fans demand so am crossing over, said the Europe base Ika rapper on his radio late night show yesterday. I spoke to him after the show and here is what we talked about as recorded with my press audio tape . 
My name is Mica Holz P.R.O and Media representative Hit Town Records Germany.

Mica Holz: Sir are we seeing the end of ika rap music at least from your side?

TE: No many up comings are show facing now if you are following the trend a lot of Ika rap music are shooting out after me which i am proud to have set the trend and giving many the boldness to dare a rap music in Ika language the only thing is the scene is got a limited audience it could be challenging for an artist who wants to go global but is a really good starting point as well .

MH: will you discourage them?

TE: No! like I said is a very good starting point to climb the musical leather.

MH: Is like you are not going to rap in ika language no more so what do we expect from you further?

TE: I haven´t said so, what to be expected of me is fusion of purely Music delivered in Nigerian pidgin English Language which has gotten a wider acceptance in Europe and across the world, fused with elements of Ika words , i said 2 years ago on this show that the world will soon catch up with the afrobeat fever and it came to be so .

recently Janet Jackson came out with an afrobeat pop song so the trend to afrobeat Highlife is growing wider and am fusing in already.

MH. I have listened to your coming new single although I do not understand Ika Language Ika was fewer on your next single don't you think your ika fans will miss you?

TE: yes and No like I said there are others to fill in the gap while they will find me on a more international level representing I mean let´s be sincere you said you 've listened to my next single

MH: yes sir your mean Ji ….. ( Taiwo Cut in )

TE: Nooooo edit that edit that don´t say the Tittle yet ( Smiling and continued ) and you told me despite being a German you could relate more to my text on that song because of some English like words on it than my Ika album.

MH; yes sir

TE: take the sir away when will you stop addressing me with Sir

MH: I have traveled a lot it seems to be a common way to address person politely in places like The United States Of America, Great Britain to mention but few

TE: oh don´t mind those colonial master I know they have same addressing form here in Germany with Sie and du representing some kind of formalities we do have that in Nigeria as well at least I know that is true with the Yoruba culture

MH: but they are not colonial masters like you said, sir

TE: Mica No Sir please ! yes they are not but I and you do not need those formalities you know that too well

MH: not even on a serious note or formal talk like this?

TE: NO we don´t

MH: Sir oh sorry sir it was nice talking to my Boss once again

TE: you are forgiven,Mica..

MH: back to topic looking at things now are you rebranding when it comes to the language or you are rebranding your red white, black syle as well?

TE: the red white black thing you see is my trademark we improve on substance and not on a trademark my trademark is cool enough needs no rebrand but just the language I sing in, needs a rebranding.

MH: have you not thought about this before ever starting?

TE: yeah but I want to do something for my people and i did already there is a saying in my dialect „ if you have perfected your dancing step at home is only then, you can take it to the world stage, I have perfected my dancing steps at home so am taking it to the Global world music scene.

MH: is that an Ika saying ?

TE: majorly it is an African saying not Ika alone

MH: it was nice talking to you Sir

TE: you are welcome .

Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T                                                Awarded with The Best Ika Rap Artist Of The Year 2018.


Congratulations, Congratulations and Congratulations !

The Managements and Staffs of Hit Town Records Congratulates their Boss And CEO On this one 
Best Ika Rap Artiste 2018.



Thanks To I.C.D Ika Community In Diaspora. Congrats Boss - Mica Holz P.R.O HTR-Germany.

The Icon and Grandmaster Of Ika Rap Music .                           Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T  -

Taiwo Edwards popularly known among his friends as 100% was born in southern Nigeria Oke - Odo where he lived with his parents till the Family moved to Midwestern part of Nigeria, Delta state where the both parents originally are from his parents finally settled down at Agbor Orogodo Boji Boji district Town, where he completed his Primary and secondary school education, at Odilli Primary School and Ika Grammer School both at Agbor Delta state Nigeria, before further educations at the BBS 3 Hannover an academical school for profession trades in Hannover Germany.
Taiwo discovered his love for music and entertainment at a very tender age beginning with dancing and miming to pop music, at age 5 his love for music and show business became very obvious.
While still in Secondary ,Taiwo was already a household name in his locality well known for singing Dancing and miming to the tune of Michael Jackson,Curtis Blow, New Edition, Musical Youths, Grandmaster Flash,Grandmaster Melle Mel ,Furious Five, Gifted 4 , Whodini he made a lot of impacts musically in their locality.
Today Taiwo is Known for for his rendition of Ika Rap Music being the very first to publish and release An afro Hip Hop Rap Music In Ika Language with the release of his Album “ The legend Of An Archangel featuring Hit Tracks like No Don Kpami Chukwu and many others 2017 under the Artsite label Hit Town Records what he called Legendary ,his stylish outfits cannot be ignored as the artist combines Red, Black White in a most wonderful astonishing collaboration .
Taiwo is expecting the release of his Single soonest decries the trend in music ..almost every afrobeat music today sounds the same people are become copycats then being creative themselves it seems to me like 75% of Afrobeats sounds the same.
- as reported by - Mica Holz

Another Ika Rap Music Video On The Way

Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T An Icon and Grandmaster of Ika Rap Music who also enjoy the sponsorship of great supporters of his Music and stylish outfits is at it again
The Afrobeat Star surrounded here by crews at the site of the making of Kpami Chukwu Video clip said the Video will be out soon and Thanked all his sponsors and as a way to show great appreciation chose to shoot his video at the premises of one of his numerous sponsors.

Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T . Wrote An Open Letter To His Royal Majesty Benjamin Ikenchuku Keagborekuzi I. The Dein Of Agbor Kingdom. Says His Royal Majesty We Need Clarity On The True Origin Of The Ika People.

Still on the matter of the true Origin of The Ika people as this set´s The Ika community on social media connects afire,
many Ikalians feels is time to put this issue to rest finally,The Ika rapper an Acclaimed Grandmaster and Icon of Ika Rap Music Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T a multiple award winner and the very first artist to publish Rap music in Ika Language , has taken it upon himself to help set the matter straight as he wrote an open letter which is on the way to The Dein of Agbor, His Royal Majesty Benjamin Ikenchuku Keagborekuzi the First (Keagborekuzi of Agbor land on clarity as to whether the Ika´s originated from The Edos or The Igbos.Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.t who hit the Ika Rap scene with the release of his first ever publish Ika Rap Music on Cd "The Legend Of An Archangel" in 2017 featuring a lot of Rap song in Ika language the very first of its kind, said as a promoter of Afrobeat Culture which Ika is part of it feels such bitting issues amongst the Ika communities which he represents should be resolved and he states that no one else is in the best and better position to resolve that that the Dein himself, this prompted him to write an open letter to His Royal Majesty The Dein Of Agbor Land. Taiwo Edwards has been promoting Ika Music and afrobeat music in general with his music and his radio programme sometimes presented in Ika language on a German mainstream Radio station on the programme called Naija Groove on 106,5 Radio Leinehertz Hannover Germany a programme that has won him several awards too.

Why Taiwo Edwards 100% Mr.T Mentioned Berlin on his New Single.

Why Taiwo Edwards also known as 100% Mr.T Mentioned Berlin on his New Single.
The city of Berlin is growing faster and getting liberal too, experts say Berlin is increasing in population and significant but why did Europe base Afrobeat Star mention Berlin, Canada, London on is new Single
reason to find out subscribe on his Youtube channel and be the first to know why as Audio Cd come out soon.

Always watch out here for more News on Taiwo Edwards and more.

Taiwo Edwards his Legendary acts ( Musically) :



Taiwo Edwards 100% Mr.T became the very first Afrobeat Hip hop highlife Artiste to publish Rap Music on Cd in Ika Language and sold over 35,000 copies both in print Cds and downloads in these hard times hard to sell printed Cd ´s, he also become the very first worldwide know Ika rapper making him the Grandmaster of Ika Rap music he is the very first Ika rap Artist to win Ika Rap Music and Ika Rap Video award in 2017 ( KSD Digest international award ) until date he has won over 11 different awards both on radio and for music achievements from various part of the world, Taiwo Edwards has been endorsed by African Heritage Magazine 2017/2018 Edition as one of 100 most influential Africans in Germany and endorsed by the popular Onukokome Ika presentational group of Raypower FM 100.50 Abuja as Ika International music ambassador. .

and we here in Hit Town Records says congrats Boss .-Mica Holz

Controversy after Taiwo Edwards free Cd distribution at Agbor,   my free Cd was not to collect anybody´s Destiny! -Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T

Recently the Afrobeat star Ika rap Music Icon Taiwo Edwards 100% Mr.T , distributed a free Cd of his album " The Legend Of An Archangel " at his hometown of Origin free on the street of Agbor, while many came for the Cd and where grateful for this kind gesture of a son of the soil and his Sponsors and supporters, it was also reported that some persons offered the Cd on the street had refused to accept the free Cd.
They reasoned the Artist might want to collect their destiny with a free Cd when this report got to us it was already too late to cut off the free cd Action we were only told about the Task Force wanting to disrupt the free Cd distribution.
It made us too sad about the psychological brainwash going on in right now in African communities as a whole, people no longer can determine between Good deal and evil, a total confused social model way of life praised by deep belief promoted by the elite of the society and even some Gospel preachers.
we do not say everybody most accept our free Cd but saying that such Cd is free in other to collect one's destiny is sick and unfair, if destiny is actually collectable like that would it not be wise to first try to know the destiny of one you seek to collect one before collecting it , does it mean all destiny is Good for everyone as long as it is a destiny ? , how about someone who wants to be a lawyer and going to collect the destiny of someone who wants to be something else but a lawyer, would that not be counterproductive? we do think is time for us to educate our society and not leave them deep in wrong baseless teaching no mater in what part of the world we live in help them see the light.
When the ideal came from fellow Ika to pay for my Cd and distribute it for free on the street of Agbor I welcomed it as well they were grateful to me for providing the very first ever published Ika Rap music both on Cd´s and on Video and would love many Ika people to have the Cd´s since country is hard like they said they decided to pay for the 4,500 copies of the cd´s and offer it for free , we got Good partners to help out in the event and everything was Good , my Cd was not to collect anybody´s Destiny!.

Am seriously disturbed about the negative consequence of the news and reports of money ritualist be it true or false.

Am seriously disturbed about the news and reports of money ritualist be it true or false my fear is the consequential results of these trends.
The most disturbing part of it all is the hard lesson people drawn out it as a result of money ritualist rumors and claims many are no longer disposed to helping fellow human beings in a very little way they could no more,
last year only it was announced by world central bank at of the 2 billion dollar family aid sent from abroad to friends and family members to help themselves all across the world 42% of that money went to Nigeria alone and was sent by Nigeria abroad to help Friends and family members in every little way they could ,
this number has long dropped as a result of supposed reports of money ritualist and their various means of recruiting victims including their own helpers, family members and friends this has created fear in the minds of noble helpers even forcing concern family members to warn their person both home and abroad on generosity acts
the churches are not making things easier rather we hear reports and similar declaration of how person abroad was hurt by a family member for help rendered to them on church prophetic hours.
It's sad to see such development on the increase and again poor people suffers not the rich.
Whether these things are believable facts or not it breaks down the spirit of helping someone in caution.

Many African Europe base Musicians to face government crackdown.

The Government of various European countries is considering serious crackdown on African and other immigrant artists currently based in various European countries.

The law in many of these European countries require foreigners to obtain a valid working permit at their various responsible authorities before involving in any activities resembling working and earning money can be performed, failing to do so is a punishable offense,.

Performing in clubs and various concert venues must not only be allowed when proper permissions are issued by their various responsible government authorities but all artist should have a status allowing them to carry out such activities or obtain a working permission, artist, and organisers of concert are regarded as entrepreneurs (self-employed) and should obtain a business registration permission to run such business.

It has been observed that many violate this rules both artist and organizers of such public performance, worse still many artists came in as Immigrate and as such are on the government financial support scheme and are not allowed to do such works without due permission, or are to report any extra earning to the government,


Many violate these rules thereby living on government welfare scheme and earning extra money from concerts without report such extra money to the government.

The government is already cracking down on such individuals by not renewing their stay permit or asking them to leave the country.

The authorities gather information mainly on Facebook and WhatsApp videos of such artists making their rounds on these social

media, according to our source, many artists have been affected already and many more are to be affected in due time so we advise artist to check out rules and regulation that obtains in their various country and follow this.


Taiwo Edwards ;The German police, and the dead Antelope.

A funny thing does happen sometimes but this German police was more than funny.
I was driving in a very cosy countryside it was all smooth and was listening to my song Uhh Baby at a very moderate volume everything around me was sinking down into me it felt like a relaxing massage, suddenly an Antelope loop up from no where right in front of my car it was crushed by my heavy weight car.
I stopped and called the police, 50 minutes later they arrived, the police wanted to know what happened so he asked for my documents and started interviewing me that was where did comedy start.
Police Man: Good day your identification paper please I gave him, what do you do for a living I explained and finally, he asked what happened?
I said pointing behind me that Antelope there jumped in front of my car I wonder where he is going to and what he thinks for doing that may be stressed up I said and now is laying down there not moving ,that must be a great hit said the Policeman, are you suggesting I was on a high speed I asked politely ? clever you but who knows he replied , I said why don´t you ask the Antelope he look at me and smiled , yeah it seems to be the only witness here but it can´t say nothing anymore, yeah but I think you should ask who knows if I said the truth, in fact, this Antelope is guilty and should repair the car I implied, yes, in fact, i should ask too why he did not first look right, left and right again before jumping probably said the policeman you will get a repair document for your insurance don´t worry about that ,we got closer to the Antelope laying lifeless there I felt pity for the animal he drew up a line through the Antelope aside up the marked line.
What will happen to the Antelope I asked? the policeman replied the forestry will pick it up there later, not the firefighters, No he said, I asked him if I could leave now I am very hungry and I need some rest too. he looked at me he said you are from Africa right? yes i said , he quickly rushed back to the Antelope pick it up again and said Mr.Edwards, you really have to leave now i know you do eat such in African and I won´t let you eat this one go home and get something better to eat, Antelope is already something better to eat I moved a step forward to him and the Antelope, no but not this one he said, I wasn´t going to eat that I only wanted to confirm for sure what happens to it I replied , the policeman got more seriously am changing the position of the Antelope after you drive far off just in case you come back so you can´t find this Antelope anymore, in fact, I will come back here often to see if is gone,he stood there, until I drove off.

An Abuja Based Barrister and Lawyer, Barrister Osuya Clement Ighodaro Donates to Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr, T, bought several of his Cd´s for free distributions in Abuja.

An Abuja Based Barrister and Lawyer, Barrister Osuya Clement Ighodaro Donates to Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr, T, bought several of his Cd´s for free distributions in Abuja. ( pic left )

Ika Children worldwide are showing greater appreciation for Taiwo Edwards100%Mr.T Ika Rap Music the first of it´s known kind in the history of Ika Music Scene the Ika Rapper has been enjoying several donations and appreciations worldwide from his admirers and supporters.

Recently in another full appreciation Barrister Osuya Clement Ighodaro an Abuja based lawyer and barrister at Osuya & Osuya Law Firm No.3 Toamasina Street,Off Adetokunbo Ademola Str, Wuse II, Abuja with branches in Cameroun , South Africa , Asaba - Delta State ,Showed his support and appreciation by buying many Cd Album of Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T The Lengend Of An Archangel and distributed them for free in some of his chosen Restaurants and Hotels in Abuja .
The Lawyer also made monetary donations to support Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T he further listed Taiwo Edwards in his law firm for free legal service protection and intellectual property rights in Nigeria for one year.





100 Most influential Africans in Germany 2017,  saw Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T on the list .


African Heritage Magazine UN Decade Edition NOV-Jan 2018 Edition: The United Nations Decade for People of African Descent Special Edition with the 100 most influential Africans in Germany 2017.  saw Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T on the list .

The Artiste  and radio MC is  also a very good business man an inspirational instrument to many Africans in the German Community.

Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T

  • Nothing i got came easily i always have to work for it but they remain permanetly.

from the album :The Ledgend Of An Archangel.
Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T

Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T 
Recieving award in Bremen 
for History Music : First Ika / Agbor Afro Hip hop Rap Music 
he went home with double award 
and another for Outstanding Archivement .

Brown New Album : The Legend Of An Archangel.

Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T    Cd Sales Begins 13.03.2017 

Ika First Afro Hip hop Rap Highlife Music . Be at


1 . Monday Ogugwa Records 

4 Abraka Rd Agbor,

Delta State, Nigeria. 


2 . Abanise ni Oluwa Music 

b 54 Ibafo Plank Market, 

Oladi Apapa ,

Lagos .


3 . Ikenta Records 

14 Bright Street, 




 you can also make postal oder by whatsapp.

For Nigeria and other African countries send whatsapp message to 00 234 802 897 6118.


For European and Asia, North and South America and Australia whatsapp 

0049 15210 522 979 .


 His new album is set to hit the market soon 

the ten track album  tittled . The Legend of An Archangel , is release on Hit Town Records Label bassed in Nigeria,  Starting with an intro of Taiwo written, performed and produced by himself , which the musician often reffers to as a History Album . 

Untill now there is no Afro beat Hip hop Rap Highlife Music in Ika / Agbor Language where the artiste came from this will be the very first of it´s kind says the artiste .


Taiwo Edwards 100%Mr.T is Originally from Delta State of Nigeria ,

The Musician also run his own Programme  Naija Groove on German main stream Radio Station 106,5 Radio Leinehertz in Hannover. The Programme is a late Night Show created and presented by  Taiwo Edwards which has won him 7 Awards till date.

Videos / Musik

Naminated for various awards info soon.


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